Common Roofing Disasters


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Avoiding Common Roofing Disasters

Pennsylvania Roofing Companies – A home’s roof is always the first line of defense for any elements of nature, including heavy rain and the wind, snow, and sleet. It is crucial that you have a complete roof inspection in the spring, both inside and out, which will help you to avoid some costly problems later on. These are some of the common danger signs that will give you an indication that your roof may not be able to protect your home:

Look For Water

Home inspections should begin with looking for any leaks that are coming in. There could be an obvious leak after driving rains, or you could take a closer look to inspect the walls and the ceilings while doing a walkthrough around your home. If you see any ceiling spots, it could be a warning sign that you need to have repairs done to your roof, as well as exterior paint or wallpaper that is peeling on the inside. There could be excessive humidity or moisture telling you that you do not have proper attic ventilation. It could be easy to have someone install new ventilation if you are not looking to have a new roof put on.

Inspect For Cracks

Cracking in the flashing around your vents or chimney, along with any decayed, missing or worn out shingles, could be a very common source of leaks outside. Look for debris or granules in your gutter, and if there is an excessive amount, it may tell you that your shingles are aging and need to be replaced soon. While you are up on the roof, you can also look for shingles that are curled, cracked or missing. They should always be replaced quickly so that you can avoid any sort of structural damage. If you see any blistering, or shingles that look dirty or decayed, you need to think about having someone replace them for you.

Finding a competent roofing contractor who will be able to come out to your location to repair these issues, or do a full assessment for you, will give you the insight that you are looking for to keep your home in great shape. The right roofing contractor will be able to help you get your roof looking great and able to take on any of the elements for years to come.

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